Reunited Review


Rating:  3 bulbsimages

Had I read this book at the age of 16 to 19 years old I bet I would have loved it. So I’m gonna stick to that and not mention my real feelings because at the age of 26 it didn’t quite fit. Nonetheless, it was an easy-to-read book with its fun moments here and there. I liked how the author approached the girls’ friendship and how the story ended, full of hope and potential. It’s great for a girl who’s looking to spend a couple of fun and adventurous nights in bed with “Reunited”.

Three ex-best friends embark on an adventure when they decide to go for a summer roadtrip. During this trip some funny accidents occur and some not so funny too, rather silly if I may add. Nonetheless, as the story unfolds through the pages these accidents and misfortunes along the way bring the three girls closer, show them the true meaning of friendship and  what really matters, which is not the destination but the journey itself and the people you are taking it with.  Of course a sprinkle of romance was in order, just the right amount. I recommend it with no doubts to teenage girls, they are going to have a blast reading. Have fun, girls!

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