Music and Reading

Music is a very personal thing. Many people choose from an early age what their life’s soundrack is and go through everyday mumbling and singing  in its rythm. I for one, more often than not sing to the medoly of “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree. Anyhow, from the hopeless romantics to the rebels and the rock stars, if we all look back in time to every music choice that we have ever made, we’ll notice that we were driven to these choices by the things we felt and experienced at the time. A song trapped in our minds, haunts us for life, keeps us company through thick and skin… our life’s sountrack!


I would like to introduce to anyone who may not be familiar with it, this website :

It has a vast variety of lists from which you can choose from, depending on the mood you want to create for yourself.

Reading without music is like tea without honey and I always drink my tea with honey! While getting my hands on my currently-reading book, before I start turning pages, I need to set the mood first. I have a ritual that consists of a few ingredients. Before I get in my reading zone and disappear in a book I reduce the lighting in the room, put my favorite playlist on, my hot tea in short range and maybe a chocolate bar or cookies, just in case. Music playing in the background while I’m preoccupied turning one page after the other relaxes me.

For reading time, I would recommend any of these playlists, but my absolute favorite one is the list “Book & Jazz Lovers”. Check it out for yourselves if you please, in the link below:

13 thoughts on “Music and Reading

  1. Fun fact: I drink tea without anything.
    Funnier fact: I almost always read a book with plugs in my ears, you I wouldn’t hear any noise that could deconcentrate me.
    Sometimes, if I am in the mood, if I read a romantic book, I’d go on youtube and play instrumental disney soundtrack. it’s a 1:30 hour long piano instrumental music of many disney themes.

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    1. That’s cool. I’d love it if you could send me the link. Of course the music I am listening to while reading is without lyrics, as well. I can’t sing and read at the same time. hehehe I just can’t do both! 😛


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