Libraries of the World

Hi guys!

While I was wandering in the web, a weird building caught my eye and then I read that it is a library. And I said to myself and now to you: Let’s talk about libraries! Would you like to read in a public place, such as a library or do you prefer the comfort of your home? Do you have a preference on location? I see people reading in subways or trains or busses and I’m like: HOW?

Personally, I can’t easily concetrate, my mind is constantly on the loose, and that is why sometimes it takes me so long to finish a book. Aside from that, I consider myself a fast reader and one that can devour a book in just a few hours, if only I can get my head to focus on the story and the story alone. If only…pfff!

So, me and the library wouldn’t work out but, I love the way a library makes me feel.  In a library, I get the feeling that I am not alone. The air wafting the whispers of the book characters in my ears, like trapped souls that are trying to be released. I love walking past the bookshelves that reach the ceiling, reading the titles of various books as I move through the hallways and sliding my fingers gently on the edge of the shelves… All the colors and the smell of old and new books… it’s a journey to tranquillity.

I believe libraries are the last magical places left on earth. That is where the man keeps all the magic protected and unseen from the non-believers. How can you not believe in magic when you have been in a library?

Without further ado, I would like to present you this week’s library that we can talk about. Ι have mixed feeling about this one. I love the peace and serenity that the sea view provides, but I am not a big fan of the concrete, especially in the interior. I love the idea of reading and when my eye leaves the page for a second’s rest to meet the waves of the ocean. I find it brilliant! But I think, it lacks in warmth and coziness. Let’s travel to Beijing and let me know your thoughts.

Alone on the beach: Library with a sea view by Vector Architects


The brutalist appearance of this sleek library on the eastern coast of China plays with the contrast between nature and culture. Beijing’s Vector Architects studio focuses on reduced materiality and expressive tectonics in order to give the free-standing building an expressive character. At the same time, its relationship with the water are a predominant theme of the interior space.

The library planned by Vector Architects stands self-absorbed on a stretch of beach in the city of Nandaihe, which lies on the Chinese coast east of Beijing. Architect Gong Dong, has used this renunciation of city and land to create an edifice that brings forth his desired qualities of light and view and results in an island of culture on the coast. Free of any built context, this library presents itself as a durable work of architecture whose sleekness makes a marked contrast to nature without risking any sense of harmony.

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Check out the slides for more pictures of the library.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to see your comments bellow.

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33 thoughts on “Libraries of the World

  1. I have absolutely no problem reading on a bus, in a restaurant, etc. CANNOT hardly concentrate at all in a library. I think its because I’m afraid I’m going to miss good book talk, whereas out elsewhere, I don’t care about what people are talking about.

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  2. I loved this post 🙂 I can concentrate anywhere even at a football game but I know what you mean about libraries. I just like them so much, I love the smell, and I’m overwhelmed by all those books that make me anxious that I will never find time to read them and they are all oh so beautiful, that I can’t even read a line of my own book! 🙂

    Nice blog in general!

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  3. I don’t know… I’d like to lose myself in this library… it does feel kind of empty in those pictures…
    Here in my place we have a very good library but I never read in it (although I would like to) because of this: no one reads there. The only ppl who read are pensioners who read newspappers in the ”newspepper section” but the study section is always empty, and I am too anxious to be the only one and feel like everyone stares at me.
    Most of my reading I do in my house, in the living room or in my bad.
    If I’m in a waiting room at doctor’s I always bring my nook with me or if I have to travel i will bring it too,
    I used to bring a phisical book but it is like someone always want to chat with me about the book I’m reading (although it is a rare case someone else actually read it) but I don’t remember anyone ever started to chat while I was reading on nook…

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    1. Yes it does seem a little empty. It feels cold to me. You are lucky to be able to read in public places. Me not so much. And while travelling I can’t read because I get really nauseous. Thanks for your thoughts and for sharing them with me 🙂

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  4. I don’t generally read in public, and I can’t remember the last time I read at the library. I actually don’t know that I like this library’s location or design. Ugh. I mean, what if there’s a hurricane and the entire thing is destroyed? Or what if someone sees a crab and drops their books in the water? I like the view of the water, but I think it should be a little bit more inland.

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      1. Hahaha it’s thursday 10:40 am in Greece now. And I’m about to post it in about an hour. It confuses me the fact that everyone is in a different time zone. Sorry… hope u’ll like this one!


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