Page Turn or Slide?


Hi guys! Ready for a battle?

Today’s discussion is ebooks or books? Which one do you prefer?

Which one is cheaper?


Let’s face it. All the more readers turn to ebooks because of the price. Many books can be found for free, which is great, and all the rest are way more affordable than the real books. Also, you are only a click away from owning your favorite book and a few seconds away from reading it. Real books, especially hardbacks cost almost double the price of an ebook and even more, can take forever to reach their destination and the shipping cost most of the times is a nightmare.



Would you abandon print books?

Survey’s have shown that only 1 out of 10 people are willing to leave print books for ever. They usually read from both e-readers and print books. E-readers tend to read more books but, let’s admit it, nothing compares to the smell of a book or the feeling you have when you open it for the first time.


What about the younger ages?

There is nothing better than curling up in bed with your child and having an illustrated book on your hands to flip through. That can’t be beaten by ebooks, no way! Plus, learning is easier when you read form a printed one, where you can keep notes. It is easier for a kid, that’s for sure.


Which is the More Eco-Friendly Choice?

Reading just got a lot more complicated. Back in the day, you had only one choice : print books. The dilemma was whether you’d buy a paperback or a hardback. Today, a reader can choose from a variety of devices to get his literary fix such as kindle, tablets, smartphones, laptops. The number of readers may getting bigger by the day and we may think the more the merrier but, if you’re as concerned with environmental conservation as you are with the accessibility to books, you might need to think twice about making a switch from paper to electronics.


On one hand, we have ebooks that produce wastes, which are usually mined in underprivileged, war-torn countries and on the other, a big number of trees are harvested each year, which generates tremendous amounts of wastewater and creates a sizable carbon footprint… Don’t get me started on recycling. Both forms are recyclable, but no person who has spent money on a book is willing to give it up. So this battle, i think is won by the ebooks, because ones you are done with one device and you are ready for a new one, you can always recycle it without loosing your electronic library.

Which one then? 


My opinion is that nothing beats a good book. Ereaders have theis pros, especially when it comes to eco-friendliness and cost, but I am an old-school gal. I like my books were I can see them. I like to smell the book as I open it and introduce myself, before I start reading. You may think I am crazy, but I become attached to my books. They are my companioship and I like to keep them after I’m done reading them. Sometimes I like to revisit them just to say hi. Overall, I don’t believe that reading a book should be a contest or a marathon run of who read the most. I like to select my book carefully, buy it, read it in my own sweet time and enjoy it. It is a hobby that should give us pleasure not be another reason to be anxious.



I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. What is your choice?

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44 thoughts on “Page Turn or Slide?

  1. I would never give up print books just because there is nothing better than having a book in your hands and than seeing it on your bookshelf.
    I hate to admit it but yes, ebooks have made life easier. I always have ebooks on my phone to read when I am stuck in traffic or doctor’s office. Both have their pros and cons.
    But if I am being forced to choose, it’s print books for sure. 🙂

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    1. I understand. I have found a couple of sites that I can shop without too many expenses but yes, ordering a book in Greece can cost a lot. Like you I choose printed books over ebooks, but if I have no other choice then ebook it it… Thank you for your comment 😀

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  2. Living in a country where almost all the new and current books require shipping(which costs more than the book sometimes) can be a burden. I won’t pass up an opportunity to buy books when I can but otherwise I mostly use ebooks.

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      1. I checked out most that i found in google searching. Even bookdepository doesn’t ship for a reasonable price. But yeah, tell me. Ill see

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  3. I love how you balanced your post with the use of an infographic 😍 Everything you say is so true too haha (after having written a similar article and analysed the issue myself)

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  4. In my opinion, print books are better. I can take notes wherever I want it the book + find it easier the on my nook.
    plus, I have to say that some books ( I noticed that in british chick-lit genre) are way cheaper in hardback and paperback then in ebook format.
    I also don’t believe that ebooks are better for environment.

    However, I do have my nook and use it pretty often to read arcs and purchased ebooks.
    Except that it has it’s own light and I can read from it in the dark, it is also easier to eat and cook with it in my hands.

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  5. To be honest, I prefer ebooks to physical books because they’re just so much more practical, but I would never give up physical books entirely. In fact, I have a lot of books in both formats because I loved the book so much I just had to have a physical copy of it (it looks better on bookshelves, let’s be honest).

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  6. Nothing beats a printed book. When I read an ebook i tend to give it one star. I just don’t even finish it at times! Physical books on the other hand are way better. Also MUCH cheaper in my country. The difference between an ebook and a physical book here is so less that it doesn’t even count. In the long run, with the cost of an ereader it is cheaper here to read a physical book than an ebook. I did like your post a lot.

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  7. I agree with you! I’ll always love print books. I’ve only ever read one e-book but I might start mixing more in with my print books. I just love the physical feel of books and turning pages and seeing books together on a shelf. 😀

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  8. A constant debate! Well, I prefer both. Printed books and ebooks have their own place I feel. But nothing beats the smell and feel of printed books while ebooks are the blessing when the books you want are way out of reach! Wonderful one!

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  9. I mostly read ebooks now. Just because it’s easier and because they are cheaper. But I could never truly leave print books, because they have a certain charm you just can’t find in ebooks.

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  10. This is such a nice topic to debate on! This is what I call ‘a healthy discussion’!
    Anyways, I prefer printed books over e-books and kindles. The printed ones give me a different feeling. I like to feel the pages as I turn them (and I love their smell, too!). I even like to have a collection of my own where all the books are kept and whenever in future, I need them, I can just take a stroll of my collection. Also, you never know, what passing times bring, and what if in the future the books stop getting printed and it’s just the e-books we can read from. Yes, for those times, I would like to have the printed books that I know, will stay with me forever.
    Awesome topic! Loved it!

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