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This Tursday, I am taking you away from sand and ocean to forest and wood, from China to about a seven-hour flight to Tapei, Taiwan, but I am staying still in that part of the globe. Ok this one resembles a large treehouse that literally took my breath away. Surrounded by green, with large windows to pemit entrace to natural light, I have to say it would be my paradise. I gotta handed to the architect for this breathtaking building that he designed. I think I’m in love with the location and the structure. Let’s travel to Tapei and I’d love to see your opinion in the comment below. Now, shall we?

Taipei Public Library in Beitou, Taiwan


Apart from being famous for its hot springs, Beitou is also home to Taiwan’s first “green” library, which opened its doors in November 2006. This distinctive structure is located in the lush green environs of Beitou Hot Spring Park, near the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Designed by the Taiwanese firm Bio-Architecture Formosana, Beitou Library is fitted with eco-friendly features and settings making it one of the most energy-efficient and environmental-friendly architectures of East Asia.

The Beitou branch of the Taipei Public Library system was the first building in Taiwan to receive the highest EEWH rating possible—the diamond rating—making it the most eco-conscious building in the country. Built with wood from sustainably managed forests, the library also uses photovoltaic cells to generate power, has an insulating 20-centimeter layer of soil on the roof, and uses collected rainwater to flush the toilets. And books. They also have books. Housing over 63,000 books, including a large collection dedicated to ecological conservation, the library is frequented by 600,000-plus visitors annually.

The project holds numerous honors such as Taiwan Architecture Award, Green Building Design Excellence Award and Taipei Urban Landscape Award. It was also named one of the 25 most beautiful public libraries in the world by U.S.-based cultural news website Flavorwire in 2012.

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I think it is worth all the awards and I wish I was one of those 600,000+ visitor. If only… Hope you enjoyed it! How would you feel reading in this one?

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11 thoughts on “Libraries of the World

  1. You know, I’m originally from Taipei (born there + all family resides there)! I’m actually going back to visit my family for a few months in May before I enter college (it’s been a long time since I’ve seen them) and I’m definitely planning to visit many bookstores/libraries, so this was helpful! (I’m practically a foreigner to all the Taiwanese culture haha)

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      1. I KNOW! (I mean, it kinda sucks cause the place I live has practically no bookstores with books in English *sigh*) I am DEFINITELY posting lots of books and libraries and bookstores photography when I go there!!

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      2. Crazy how this was just 2 months ago 😦 I won’t be returning to Taiwan this year (my plans completely changed after the universities incident). It’s almost certain that I’ll go back next year.. though it’s such a long time away :c

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