Libraries of the World


The Stuttgart City Library

-Germany’s Crystal-

Hi guys!

I may be taking you this week all the way from Asia to the heart of Europe and into this library, but don’t be fooled, because this one is designed by Eun Young Yi, a Korean architect. God, those Asian’s and their architecture, so innovating! I love them for the reason that they always have something so unique to present to the world and manage to give us something that we’ll be smitten by.

With a long construction period of some 14 years, the Stuttgart City Library in southern Germany finally unveiled its beauty on 21 October 2011. The project covering a plot area of 3,201 m² was won by Yi Architects in 1999 through a design competition, with a total cost of €79.0 million.


Another award winning library? Well, can you blame them?

It appears as a crystalline white cube in the day and glows in bright blue at night. The interior gallery reading area is a five story space surrounded by a shell of books.

Draws a lot of design inspiration from historical sources, with the heart and core of the library following the design of the ancient pantheon.

To be honest though, it is too cold for me once again. Reading for me means cozy nights among a pile of cushions and blankets, not so much this total  white box with bookshelves. Nevertheless, it is an imposing and impressive structure, don’t get me wrong, I am just saying that I am more fan of the traditional kind of a library, like wood and books and dusted old lamps.

Check out some more pics of this award winning library located in Germany, captured both day and night, and give me you thoughts about it in the comments below :

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Till next Thursday…

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26 thoughts on “Libraries of the World

  1. Oh wow. It kind of reminds me of Mann Library at Cornell. It’s too… white.. clean. You know? Libraries should be a place to curl up forever. I used to do the curling up and reading at another library on campus called the A. D. White Library (google it, seriously, it’s also known as the Harry Potter Library). Too stunning.

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  2. It kind of reminds me of a hospital… and that’s not what I want to feel like when I’m reading! There’s just too much open space and not enough snuggly corners, like you said 😀

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  3. Okay wow. Now that is an impressive library. However, I do agree with you that it feels too cold and clinical for my liking but the design is very intricate and amazing. I’d love to visit the place. 😀

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  4. Woahh ! Architectural beauty indeed. For me, a library would be stealing a cozy corner and smell books. Pile of organised books stacked in teak wood shelves. And moreover the range and variety of books available. Looking antique and old.

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