Bookstore: Atlantis Books


Atlantis Books

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Hi guys!

Just found out about this and I had to share.

National Geographic and its magazine “Destinations of a Lifetime” voted for the most interesting and beautiful bookstores around the world.  First on their list was a bookstore located in Santorini, Greece. Imagine my surprise! Yes, my country is beautiful and its islands enchanting, but this little bookstore in Oia is like heaven missed a little piece of it and dropped to Oia. Cozy, warm and sweet, this bookstore provides both an ample variety of books and an awesome view to read.  I think that this summer my vacations should be planned for Santorini. Damn!


Atlantis Books was  Greg’s and Oliver’s idea, both american students, who visited Santorini in 2002 for their summer vacations. They created a dreamy place for every bookworm to visit. The island attracts visitors from all over the word,so in this bookstore you’ll find books in a variety languages, such as english, greek, german, french, spanish and even chinese.


Who else would like to visit this place? Let me hear you say ” I! ” if you would. Personally, I’m already looking for airplane tickets and hotels. Just kidding, I am just counting my money…

Check out more pictures and a video about this amazing place below…

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What do you think guys? Do you like it as much as I do? Yay or Nay?

I’d love to see your opinions in the comments below… Thanks!


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Libraries of the World


Spiral of Life: The Musashino Art University Museum & Library

The Musashino Art University Library is in fact a library made of bookshelves. Sou Fujimoto’s vision of combining searchability and strollability into one system is translated into a spiral shape, in the center of the building, covered with wooden shelves. The spiral represents a “clock of numbers”, each number stands for a certain book category, so finding a specific book is really easy, while at the same time its shape and the labyrinthine paths between book-lined walls welcome the visitor who just wants to walk around. Small reading corners are preferred instead of large tables, so that everyone has their privacy and doesn’t get bored if they have to spend a lot of hours there. Although it might seem that the bookshelves are supporting the structure, that is not the case.

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Update: New language lessons


Hi guys!

So sorry for being MIA once again, but my life got a little crazy lately. On top of everything that has been going on with me, sending resumes, going to interviews, teaching my students, I also decided to take up italian language lessons.

Started yesterday and I couldn’t have been more excited about it! Ever since I travelled to Rome a few years back, I fell in love with their language and culture. I think that crucial was the role of my bff as well, who always had Italy in her heart. So, it was inevitable to stay out of this italian madness.

But can you blame us? They are just like us greeks only better, at pretty much everything! And their language is so beautiful to speak and listen to. I am totally enchanted by it and I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming days…

So far, my head is so confused because I have to change the way I think concerning the letters and pronunciation, due to the fact that everything is so different than what I have used to in english… I bet I am going to make it though, I so much want to learn this language!

Arrivederci a tutti!

Till next time,

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Modern Day Classics


Hi guys!

I’m gonna try something new and I am going to host a post in my blog. I found it really interesting and fun so check it out. I hope you’ll enjoy it…

This is a guest post with designs from Jazmin Batisti. Jazmin is an Argentine graphic designer currently based in London. She’s passionate about books and illustration.

So what was to happen if classic literature character’s had access to social networking?  Flipsnack has the answers in the following illustrations of some of our favorite classic books. Here is a sample of Jazmin’s work… Continue reading

The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul Review


The Little Coffee Shop in Kabul Review

by Deborah Rodriguez

My Rating: 3 bulbs

the plot

The story of a remarkable coffee shop in the heart of Afghanistan, and the men and women who meet there — thrown together by circumstance, bonded by secrets, and united in an extraordinary friendship.
After hard luck and some bad choices, Sunny has finally found a place to call home — it just happens to be in the middle of a war zone.
The thirty-eight-year-old American’s pride and joy is the Kabul Coffee House, where she brings hospitality to the expatriates, misfits, missionaries, and mercenaries who stroll through its doors. She’s especially grateful that the busy days allow her to forget Tommy, the love of her life, who left her in pursuit of money and adventure.
Working alongside Sunny is the maternal Halajan, who vividly recalls the days before the Taliban and now must hide a modern romance from her ultratraditional son — who, unbeknownst to her, is facing his own religious doubts. Into the café come Isabel, a British journalist on the trail of a risky story; Jack, who left his family back home in Michigan to earn “danger pay” as a consultant; and Candace, a wealthy and well-connected American whose desire to help threatens to cloud her judgment.
When Yazmina, a young Afghan from a remote village, is kidnapped and left on a city street pregnant and alone, Sunny welcomes her into the café and gives her a home — but Yazmina hides a secret that could put all their lives in jeopardy.
As this group of men and women discover that there’s more to one another than meets the eye, they’ll form an unlikely friendship that will change not only their own lives but the lives of an entire country.
Brimming with Deborah Rodriguez’s remarkable gift for depicting the nuances of life in Kabul, and filled with vibrant characters that readers will truly care about, A Cup of Friendship is the best kind of fiction—full of heart yet smart and thought-provoking.

my thoughts 

The story is located in the heart of Kabul, during war time and narrates the story of five  different women. They have almost nothing in common, nothing but the fact that they all hang out at the same coffee shop in Kabul. Some of the events that take place during the novel will bring them all together and as the story unfolds we witness secrets being revealed, fear and anger take over, issues of heart being solved or not, all in the heart of war. Continue reading

Friday Movie Night


Brooklyn (2015)

Starrring: Saoirse Ronan, Emory Cohen, Domhnal Gleeson


An Irish immigrant lands in 1950s Brooklyn, where she quickly falls into a romance with a local. When her past catches up with her, however, she must choose between two countries and the lives that exist within.

Brooklyn film_0.jpg

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Libraries of the World

Hi guys!

It’s Thursday and I am, both ready and happy, to present to you another stunning library. For this week, I have chosen the following library which accomodates the reading needs of an adult as well as a child’s. This library serves all ages and for that a big applaude is in order. My heart melts when I discover that such places exist and  that children have a place where they can be introduced to reading, learn to love and enjoy it. So without further ado…  Bookworms, get ready to drool!

 Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico


Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico is a stunning architectural tribute to the beauty of books. The reading area features rhomboid shelves made of pinewood; as they recede into the back of the room they twist and bend to create a mesmerizing optical illusion.

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One Lovely Blog Award



I’ve been nominated by two amazing blogs The Sapphire and Life & Times for this One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much both of you! You rock! I enjoy your posts so much ❤


  • Each nominee must THANK the person who nominated them and link their blog in the post.
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Libraries of the World


Hi guys!

I know it is Friday, and this post is a Thursday thing, but I was kinda busy and sick the previous days to post anything so, now that I am feeling a bit better I thought I should introduce you to another library that will propably take your breath away …



Architect Moshe Safdie’s creation resembles a modern-day Colosseum. You enter the Central Library through a huge skylit concourse, which contains shops and cafés and acts as an urban gathering point. Bridges inside the library connect to reading and study areas in the outer walls. Plans are under way to reclaim two of the building’s top floors from other tenants in order to expand the rooftop garden and make it accessible to the public. Open seven days a week.


Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is the public library system for the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2013, VPL had more than 6.9 million visits with patrons borrowing nearly 9.5 million items including: books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and magazines. Across 22 locations and online, VPL serves nearly 428,000 active members and is the third-largest public library system in Canada.

Wow, huh?

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Love these libraries of the world! People have designed and build such amazing places for bookworms such us ourselves. If only I could visit them all!

What are your thoughts on this one? I’d love to read in this one, that’s for sure! How about you? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below…

Till next time,

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