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Hi guys!

I know it is Friday, and this post is a Thursday thing, but I was kinda busy and sick the previous days to post anything so, now that I am feeling a bit better I thought I should introduce you to another library that will propably take your breath away …



Architect Moshe Safdie’s creation resembles a modern-day Colosseum. You enter the Central Library through a huge skylit concourse, which contains shops and cafés and acts as an urban gathering point. Bridges inside the library connect to reading and study areas in the outer walls. Plans are under way to reclaim two of the building’s top floors from other tenants in order to expand the rooftop garden and make it accessible to the public. Open seven days a week.


Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is the public library system for the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2013, VPL had more than 6.9 million visits with patrons borrowing nearly 9.5 million items including: books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and magazines. Across 22 locations and online, VPL serves nearly 428,000 active members and is the third-largest public library system in Canada.

Wow, huh?

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Love these libraries of the world! People have designed and build such amazing places for bookworms such us ourselves. If only I could visit them all!

What are your thoughts on this one? I’d love to read in this one, that’s for sure! How about you? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below…

Till next time,

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30 thoughts on “Libraries of the World

  1. Well, this makes me want to visit Vancouver more than anything else!

    For a future post, you might want to check out the Halifax Public Library in Nova Scotia. I know it’s small and not as magnificent as some of these others, but the new design is pretty cool. The outside of it is designed like a small stack of books, and my daughter says the the inside reminds her of all the staircases in Hogwarts.

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  2. I love libraries, so I’m happy to see that you have an entire category devoted to them! I always say that you can tell a lot about a city by how great their library is…this one is wonderful.

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      1. Awww yessh I haven’t either!! I’m going back in mid-May till mid-August btw 😊 I’ll definitely let you know or make a post about it!!

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