Libraries of the World

Hi guys!

It’s Thursday and I am, both ready and happy, to present to you another stunning library. For this week, I have chosen the following library which accomodates the reading needs of an adult as well as a child’s. This library serves all ages and for that a big applaude is in order. My heart melts when I discover that such places exist and  that children have a place where they can be introduced to reading, learn to love and enjoy it. So without further ado…  Bookworms, get ready to drool!

 Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico


Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico is a stunning architectural tribute to the beauty of books. The reading area features rhomboid shelves made of pinewood; as they recede into the back of the room they twist and bend to create a mesmerizing optical illusion.


Design firm Anagrama designed the unique structure with the intention of creating an illusion of disconnection with the outside world. That contributes to a peaceful environment in which readers can just let go, forget about daily life, and melt into a great book.

Niños Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico


Conarte reached out to Anagrama with the mission to create a space that would foster a love of reading and learning for children. The children’s library and cultural center was to be inside a warehouse-like building, an untouchable heritage site of the state. Our design proposal needed to take into account the untouchable nature of the building and, in some way, enhance it.

The result is a multi-purpose, asymmetrical reading platform meant to simulate Monterrey’s mountainous topography. The bookshelves are not only used as storage, but serve as a dynamic space to play and learn, to fire the imagination and provide comfort while reading. The installation’s colorful and geometric aesthetic contrasts directly with its antique, industrial building, elevating both elements in a cheerful and unique way.

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Let me know your thoughts on this one on the comments below. So happy to read your opinion each time!

Till next Thursday…

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