Modern Day Classics


Hi guys!

I’m gonna try something new and I am going to host a post in my blog. I found it really interesting and fun so check it out. I hope you’ll enjoy it…

This is a guest post with designs from Jazmin Batisti. Jazmin is an Argentine graphic designer currently based in London. She’s passionate about books and illustration.

So what was to happen if classic literature character’s had access to social networking?  Flipsnack has the answers in the following illustrations of some of our favorite classic books. Here is a sample of Jazmin’s work…

Juliet Finds Love on Tinder


Would Juliet’s love survive the temptations of Tinder, or would she have used the dating app to hook up with someone a bit more “available”? (Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare)

Twist Speaks Out on TripAdvisor


Oliver Twist finally has the chance to speak out on TripAdvisor against the Victorian workhouse he grew up in. (Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens)

Wonka Finds Inspiration on Pinterestwilly-wonka-pinterest.jpg

Eccentric? Yes. Creative? Not so much. Many of Willy Wonka’s best ideas were stolen from Pinterest while the Oompa-Loompas were asleep. Hair toffee, three-course dinner chewing gum and eatable marshmallow pillows were all someone else’s dream originally. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl)

Frodo Returns Ring with Help of Google Maps

frodo-google-maps (1).jpg

How much easier would the trip to Mordor have been if Frodo had had Google Maps to guide him through a fast, orc-free route? (The Lord of the Rings, J. R. R. Tolkien)

I laughed so much while I was going through the illustrations and reading the captions.  Hope you had a good time!

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