Libraries of the World


Spiral of Life: The Musashino Art University Museum & Library

The Musashino Art University Library is in fact a library made of bookshelves. Sou Fujimoto’s vision of combining searchability and strollability into one system is translated into a spiral shape, in the center of the building, covered with wooden shelves. The spiral represents a “clock of numbers”, each number stands for a certain book category, so finding a specific book is really easy, while at the same time its shape and the labyrinthine paths between book-lined walls welcome the visitor who just wants to walk around. Small reading corners are preferred instead of large tables, so that everyone has their privacy and doesn’t get bored if they have to spend a lot of hours there. Although it might seem that the bookshelves are supporting the structure, that is not the case.

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Update: New language lessons


Hi guys!

So sorry for being MIA once again, but my life got a little crazy lately. On top of everything that has been going on with me, sending resumes, going to interviews, teaching my students, I also decided to take up italian language lessons.

Started yesterday and I couldn’t have been more excited about it! Ever since I travelled to Rome a few years back, I fell in love with their language and culture. I think that crucial was the role of my bff as well, who always had Italy in her heart. So, it was inevitable to stay out of this italian madness.

But can you blame us? They are just like us greeks only better, at pretty much everything! And their language is so beautiful to speak and listen to. I am totally enchanted by it and I can’t wait to share more with you in the coming days…

So far, my head is so confused because I have to change the way I think concerning the letters and pronunciation, due to the fact that everything is so different than what I have used to in english… I bet I am going to make it though, I so much want to learn this language!

Arrivederci a tutti!

Till next time,

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