Another Update: Decisions and Changes


Hey guys,

I have totally neglected you and my blog, and my reading to be honest, because since I got that time- consuming job of mine, I lost it. Now, six months later, this circle is closing to allow a new one to begin.

After much consideration and a great deal of desire, I march to the unknown world of living with your long-time, long-distance boyfriend. Let’s start from scratch though, so you’ll know what I am talking about.

On 4th of April, I started working for a big company as a sales advisor – cashier and loved it! I know it doesn’t sound like a dream job, but I found myself happy while working there. Before that living home and going away seemed like a great idea, but after working there for six months the decision became difficult. Quitting seemed unbearable.

Having an angel for a boyfriend, though, helped the situation and with his persistance and strong will I found the strength and courage to move out of my old life and into the new one. Let me also add, that my best friend V was here every step of the way and her big enthousiasm for every little thing was the cherry on top! Continue reading