“Rainy Tuesdays”: a new blog section


Hey guys!

Well, the strangest things happen in our lives from time to time and so has it in mine. Ever since I arrived to Patras every Tuesday is a rainy Tuesday, for no reason at all. So, an idea was born and may i present to you my new blog section: Rainy Tuesdays.

In blog world this would mean that I have to present to you, every Tuesday, my top 3 songs and tell you a little bit about my lazy days or not. It’s going to be a messy post, just as we are when we get out in the rain and you got all frizzy hair and your jacket is pouring out water. Well, that is what “Rainy Tuesdays” will be about. A little bit of everything, anything and nothing at all.

Also, it will be an opportunity for all of you to write your messy comment, really talk about anything you want and let’s just chat! Do you like it? Hope you’ll all participate because I really liked getting to know you all and I ‘d like it if we continued this way…

Oh, and i cook now, so stay tuned for some of my yummy creations. Ask the recipe if you like. I’ll be more than happy to give it to you.

So, here’s to rainy Tuesdays and to a new leaf in my blog!

Now, how about we start with the my top 3 songs of the weekHere is what I listen to non-stop: 

I kinda dance to this one…


I kinda sing to this one …


And I just love listening to this one….


What about your picks?

Well, now I am off to make an easy vanilla- chocolate cake. Thank you all for reading and I’d love to learn all about you in the comments bellow.

12647769_10207518633697730_218784419_n (1)

3 thoughts on ““Rainy Tuesdays”: a new blog section

  1. I love, love, love Stitches. It’s my favorite song of summer 2016, and I also love Treat you better.
    Other two songs I heard for the first time now, and You don’t own me is better the the last song, in my opinion.
    As for me, all I’m listening lately is Parachute. All of their songs are on repeat all the time.


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