Snow Day


Hey guys!

Happy New Year to everyone of you and your beautiful families. I wanna start by giving you all my best wishes for 2017. Hope you had a lot to eat and to drink and lots of fun, because this is what Christmas holidays are all about, right?

In Greece it’s not very common to snow, and this year couldn’t have been an exception. I’ve spent all my years wishing for a white Christmas yet no one has responded to these requests so far. So,  not even a tiny little snowflake made appearance during the holidays.

The past weekend though, our wish came true and despite the fact that Christmas were far behind us we celebrated this day in snow like only we could. We threw snowballs to each other, build a snowman and laughed our hearts out. Also, albeit my advises of this kind: ” watch out, it’s slippery, you’ll fall down”, I was the only one, butt down to the snow! It’s funnier to witness it rather than reading about it, trust me.

Hope you all had fun, with or without snow. The most important thing, anyways,  is to spent your days with people that matter and with people that you laugh with.


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