Libraries of the World


Spiral of Life: The Musashino Art University Museum & Library

The Musashino Art University Library is in fact a library made of bookshelves. Sou Fujimoto’s vision of combining searchability and strollability into one system is translated into a spiral shape, in the center of the building, covered with wooden shelves. The spiral represents a “clock of numbers”, each number stands for a certain book category, so finding a specific book is really easy, while at the same time its shape and the labyrinthine paths between book-lined walls welcome the visitor who just wants to walk around. Small reading corners are preferred instead of large tables, so that everyone has their privacy and doesn’t get bored if they have to spend a lot of hours there. Although it might seem that the bookshelves are supporting the structure, that is not the case.

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Libraries of the World

Hi guys!

It’s Thursday and I am, both ready and happy, to present to you another stunning library. For this week, I have chosen the following library which accomodates the reading needs of an adult as well as a child’s. This library serves all ages and for that a big applaude is in order. My heart melts when I discover that such places exist and  that children have a place where they can be introduced to reading, learn to love and enjoy it. So without further ado…  Bookworms, get ready to drool!

 Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico


Conarte Library in Monterrey, Mexico is a stunning architectural tribute to the beauty of books. The reading area features rhomboid shelves made of pinewood; as they recede into the back of the room they twist and bend to create a mesmerizing optical illusion.

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Libraries of the World


Hi guys!

I know it is Friday, and this post is a Thursday thing, but I was kinda busy and sick the previous days to post anything so, now that I am feeling a bit better I thought I should introduce you to another library that will propably take your breath away …



Architect Moshe Safdie’s creation resembles a modern-day Colosseum. You enter the Central Library through a huge skylit concourse, which contains shops and cafés and acts as an urban gathering point. Bridges inside the library connect to reading and study areas in the outer walls. Plans are under way to reclaim two of the building’s top floors from other tenants in order to expand the rooftop garden and make it accessible to the public. Open seven days a week.


Vancouver Public Library (VPL) is the public library system for the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. In 2013, VPL had more than 6.9 million visits with patrons borrowing nearly 9.5 million items including: books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, newspapers and magazines. Across 22 locations and online, VPL serves nearly 428,000 active members and is the third-largest public library system in Canada.

Wow, huh?

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Love these libraries of the world! People have designed and build such amazing places for bookworms such us ourselves. If only I could visit them all!

What are your thoughts on this one? I’d love to read in this one, that’s for sure! How about you? Let me know your thoughts on the comments below…

Till next time,

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Libraries of the World


The Stuttgart City Library

-Germany’s Crystal-

Hi guys!

I may be taking you this week all the way from Asia to the heart of Europe and into this library, but don’t be fooled, because this one is designed by Eun Young Yi, a Korean architect. God, those Asian’s and their architecture, so innovating! I love them for the reason that they always have something so unique to present to the world and manage to give us something that we’ll be smitten by. Continue reading

Libraries of the World


This Tursday, I am taking you away from sand and ocean to forest and wood, from China to about a seven-hour flight to Tapei, Taiwan, but I am staying still in that part of the globe. Ok this one resembles a large treehouse that literally took my breath away. Surrounded by green, with large windows to pemit entrace to natural light, I have to say it would be my paradise. I gotta handed to the architect for this breathtaking building that he designed. I think I’m in love with the location and the structure. Let’s travel to Tapei and I’d love to see your opinion in the comment below. Now, shall we? Continue reading

Libraries of the World

Hi guys!

While I was wandering in the web, a weird building caught my eye and then I read that it is a library. And I said to myself and now to you: Let’s talk about libraries! Would you like to read in a public place, such as a library or do you prefer the comfort of your home? Do you have a preference on location? I see people reading in subways or trains or busses and I’m like: HOW?

Personally, I can’t easily concetrate, my mind is constantly on the loose, and that is why sometimes it takes me so long to finish a book. Aside from that, I consider myself a fast reader and one that can devour a book in just a few hours, if only I can get my head to focus on the story and the story alone. If only…pfff!

So, me and the library wouldn’t work out but, I love the way a library makes me feel.  In a library, I get the feeling that I am not alone. The air wafting the whispers of the book characters in my ears, like trapped souls that are trying to be released. I love walking past the bookshelves that reach the ceiling, reading the titles of various books as I move through the hallways and sliding my fingers gently on the edge of the shelves… All the colors and the smell of old and new books… it’s a journey to tranquillity.

I believe libraries are the last magical places left on earth. That is where the man keeps all the magic protected and unseen from the non-believers. How can you not believe in magic when you have been in a library?

Without further ado, I would like to present you this week’s library that we can talk about. Ι have mixed feeling about this one. I love the peace and serenity that the sea view provides, but I am not a big fan of the concrete, especially in the interior. I love the idea of reading and when my eye leaves the page for a second’s rest to meet the waves of the ocean. I find it brilliant! But I think, it lacks in warmth and coziness. Let’s travel to Beijing and let me know your thoughts.

Alone on the beach: Library with a sea view by Vector Architects


The brutalist appearance of this sleek library on the eastern coast of China plays with the contrast between nature and culture. Beijing’s Vector Architects studio focuses on reduced materiality and expressive tectonics in order to give the free-standing building an expressive character. At the same time, its relationship with the water are a predominant theme of the interior space.

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