A Bookworm’s Road Trip

Hi guys!

So sorry for being MIA,  I am currently road tripping but I had to pause my little adventure for a bit, so I could type this post and share my excitement and admiration for this little piece of heaven on Earth, named Greece. Hope you like my journey, I absolutely love exploring new places and this one is one of my favorites.

Greece is full of small, colorful, graphic towns, with friendly people and such an interesting history. Each place has its own story to tell as long as you are willing to hear it. This place can make you fall hard and totally in love with it . Here is a taste of want I experienced this past week and, thankfully, I am not done just yet.

So, here is our road trip map.

First stop was Edirne, Turkey where we had a taste of  the East culture that was absolutely mesmerizing, and then we started off  from Alexandroupolis, Greece and headed South. Our final destination was Rio, Patra, Greece.


And here are the photos from each stop we made. .. Continue reading