My Sweet November


Autumn has arrived upon our Greece in all its glory with splashes of raindrops and a pinch of cold breeze. The leafs have finally fell from the trees and  have colored yellow and orange the streets of Patras. If I had to choose among the seasons which one is my favorite one, I would go with autumn again and again… and again.

New month orders new life goals and I’ve already made up my mind about which are they. For starters, as you may know I have recently moved from my hometown in northern Greece to southern, and more particularly to Patras.  Lovely city, many choices from which to pick and yet I haven’t done much exploring. So, there you have it. First goal: explore my new location.

Then, I need to get my butt down and read a book and maybe write a review about it, because time has flown by and I really missed reading and interacting with all you guys. So, goals number two and three: Read and blog.

One more thing. I can’t wait for Netflix to air Gilmore Girls on November 25th, right on my name day, yeyyy! I guess I am not gonna be celebrating my name this year, because I am planning to be stuck on my couch with the remote in one hand watching the girls in my pj’s all weekend long.

Who else is a fan? I have re-watched all the episodes this past summer and I am more than excited for it to go live. Rory is my favorite bookworm ever so can’t miss it.

And last but not least, Christmas are approaching and that is another thing that i feel most excited about because this will be our first Christmas in our home as a couple, which makes it all the more special. Now I am thinking that November is a good month to have a good month.

So, I wish you all to have the most special November ever….

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